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October 1, 2017
The Trip Requires You To- Block Out the Noise
The Trip Requires You To: Block Out the Noise
October 30, 2017

7 Ways to Unwind on your Writing Sunday

dreams big, worries small

dreams big, worries small

Unwind – relaxing after a period of work or tension. I concur with that, but also add another comment, to unwind as a prep for focusing on your writing. Even as a release or action to center after writing.

Unwinding is crucial for our balance. Our body needs to regenerate and our mind to disconnect. Our health is at stake and our body does not fail to remind us sooner or later when we pull a little too much on the rope.

So how do we really unwind especially on our writing Sunday? The ways mentioned below should help and can be done before, during, or after:

  1. Unwind & Let Music Ease Your Mind Image result for free play icons

Music has soothing effects on our mind. But be careful, not any style. It is advisable to listen to styles that calm the nerves. Choose a suitable and liking to your taste option to unwind properly. Likewise, you can also hear a song you like a lot to release certain hormones that cause you to automatically relax. You can choose to listen to music with headphones or loud, whichever is more beneficial for you.

  1. Unwind & Snack Time  Image result for free snack images

If you eat a healthy snack, you will feel not only satisfied but also, happy. This is because there is a great connection between what happens in the stomach and what the brain perceives. Eat quietly, enjoying every bite. Keep in mind that healthy foods, such as an apple, a cereal bar or bitter chocolate can relax better. Try to avoid greasy or high-sugar foods because you can get the opposite effect.

  1. Unwind & Have a Date with Nature Related image

A little sun, walk on the lawn, smell a rose in its natural habitat or take a walk on the beach. These are just a few among many more activities you could engage in so as to unwind on your writing Sunday. Those who suffer from stress, nerves or depression manage to reduce symptoms with simple contact with nature.

  1. Unwind & Peacefully Meditate Image may contain: shoes

A quick and easy way to unwind is to meditate a few minutes, without having to leave the site. Take a deep breath and then pay attention to what is going on around you, but without looking at anything concrete. With this simple exercise, you could successfully unwind on your writing Sunday.

  1. Unwind & Enjoy Your Friends 😊    Image result for images of friends

Friends are the balm of the soul. They are the ones who dry our tears and smile. In other words, they represent the family we choose. So, if you really want to say goodbye to stress and unwind on your writing Sunday, do not lose touch with them.

  1. Unwind & Go Play!  Image result for free play icons

Without any form of doubt, one of the best ways to unwind on your writing Sunday is to have fun and play with children or Pets

Warning: Use sparingly as children have lots of energy and can leave you exhausted. LOL.

  1. Unwind & You Shall Display!  Image result for free display board image

Spend a few minutes thinking about pleasant things. Take a temporary vacation in your imagination. You can be in Paris, sitting in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, taking the best wine in the world with the person you like most by just closing your eyes.

Imagine situations that you would like to live in or remember the best moments of your life. For your mind, imagining it is the same as experiencing it live, so what you visualize will change your current state and help you unwind effortlessly.


In conclusion, unwinding on your writing Sunday is perhaps one of the most effective ways to get on the path of success and think clearly about what we do with our writing career and how we can improve it. As a result, the tips above are excellent ways to get started.


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