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March 6, 2017
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August 2, 2017

A Role to Never Regret


Find a way or make one:

A concept to live by. life can develop in many ways. Currently mine has developed with my focus being a good parent, hardworking student, dedicated career professional. Being driven to acquire more toward the skill set, that will enhance to wherever my career leads. The development of projects and owning my work as an Author. Nevertheless, goals in being an Entrepreneur in the next five years. Continuing to progress healthy relationships familial or romantic. My visions are wildly elaborate, full of color, and large. Dreams only stop when you tell yourself you can’t. My answer to that is, I never will for I CAN.

In all that life has developed it’s important to remember to do the little things even when taking on a role that can shape your lives in ways that you didn’t imagine. That’s becoming a parent. None of the above is possible without a team. It takes a village sometimes. I truly appreciate the team behind me that provides relief to come in and play a couple of innings when mama needs it. My team is awesome! I am beyond grateful for their service.  A very special thanks to them.

As a parent, it’s not always easy to find the “Me” time, after errands, transport kids to and from activities, work, etc. As a single parent of any gender, the job that would include two on the daily becomes a job for one. But we must take time for self even if for thirty minutes. Enjoy the sound of your own voice, listen and reflect on your thoughts, work out, and plan for change. Doesn’t matter what you do, self-love equals confidence. Besides, you wouldn’t give up being a parent for the world. So don’t dwell too long on the negative circumstances that may come with it sometimes. Own it all, as a part of your story. A part of the foundation that laid a legacy.

My world is complete not just because they are in it, but because they make it:

My children are the definitive passion beyond the artistry that’s innately developed into me. They give purpose and motivation. Whenever I need to know why I do, put up with, or make the sacrifices, it’s for them.

As a parent our job is to build on top of them. Provide them the best head start, and focus to be better we possibly can. Allow them to be young and enjoy it. The belief is that they see us, never giving up. Trying to make what we love, what we do. Not settling for nothing less than what’s deserved because it’s earned. The values of self-Love, confidence, awareness, truth and respect. Not all but many things, I preach daily. Along with being YOUR best.

Because it starts with us first:

I’m not perfect…lord if only that were the case. As a parent, I aim to be the one that taught it first. The provider of support and care. The hand that laid the law and demanded respect for self and others. Taught love and not hate, for hate will keep you limited in perspective. The one that they feel compelled to call their friend, simply because I listen and help put together a plan with them to develop the skills that benefit the amazing transition of them becoming better. I embraced their hopes and dreams, and stood to support them.

Last but never least, to self. Because it starts with us first. An aim to just DO IT, NO EXCUSES. Make a PLAN. Make sure it FITS YOU, and what you’ve developed by all that you’ve LEARNED, all you LOVE, and all that you find too important of an initiative to HELP. Then finally, COMMIT to it.

The story may be different, but there is a common goal:

My story and your story may be two different things. However, I do say this, as a parent, and confidant in this millennial age. To someone else who’s just like me now, not perfect, but grinding. Your best is yet to come. Someone who may have been like me then, defeated, broken, marriage failed, there were no friends to be had, kids were born, you may have been left holding the bag, and yet there was still a mess.

Today is not the end of the story. Tomorrow is not promised, so give it all you have today. Live, laugh, and love, don’t make it an option but plan to. Making mistakes (let’s be honest we all make them, past, current, future it’s just human to do), but make ones that are brand new. Consistently not learning those same ones, is the only way you will keep repeating them. So, do yourself a favor, listen and wise up. Get up, get out, and get yourself together. Not just for you, but for him, her, or them.



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