Tyfany Janee is an Author and upcoming graduate with a BS in Business Administration/Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing. Her talent truly lies within her creative writing. She lives for the written and spoken word. There’s a true passion that lies behind her prose.

For her entire life she’s experimented in her vocation, finding the perfect balance of eloquence to inject into her projects, whatever they may be. Her prose is comprised of truth, meaning, hope, possibility and a much needed element of humor when it comes to exposing the true nature of humankind.
Tyfany’s work strives to shed light on current and relative issues that make up our existence. She devours inspiration wherever she can get it, from cult classics to just about everything she can see.

Her first book, The Invitation is available now. Upcoming works planned to release in 2018, a poetry book titled “RSVP: To Fly Unapologetic”;  short story collection in 2018, titled, “The Road Sometimes Traveled”; and a debut novel (2019), “To Love Him, I…” There will be plenty of content that is set to launch her plight into the literary world.