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7 Ways to Unwind on your Writing Sunday
October 1, 2017
The Trip Requires You To- Have Patience
The Trip Requires You To: Have Patience
November 8, 2017

The Trip Requires You To: Block Out the Noise

The Trip Requires You To- Block Out the Noise

“If we waited for perfect conditions to create good shit, we’ll never get anything done. Sometimes you have to block out the noise”

– Trip (Movie), Jhene Aiko. 

I recently was inspired of a notion to block out the noise, a statement made in a video posted by Jhene Aiko from her latest album, Trip. It was said to her by a man that stumbled upon her trying to write on rocks overlooking a waterfall. She described the atmosphere as her peace. She liked solitude when writing down her thoughts. The man replied to her, “You can create your own peace, peace comes from within.” He laughs, and then follows with, “There is so much in life beyond our control. If we waited for perfect conditions to create good shit, we’ll never get anything done. Sometimes you have to block out the noise.”

The scene ends with him asking her to come on this journey with him. Then it begins, music plays in the background “While We’re Young” a new release of her current album. The background of this story is about loss. She has lost her brother to cancer.

It wasn’t just the loss that resonated personally, as much as it was the quote and the conversation she had with this guy. Him telling her that she can’t always just go somewhere physical to find peace, but peace must within. Block out the noise and distractions to focus on and create what you want out of life.

As a writer, if you can’t find a way to block out the noise,

you may never create your greatest work. It is the ability to find peace anywhere that can help us evolve, create the atmosphere in our minds that stimulates pure writing. Writing that was buried deep within our soul and by being transported to that peaceful place of solitude you tap into it.

Jhene Aiko struggles the loss of her brother and anger from that loss. Her brother was her peace. He was her constant. She portrays a character that is in a sinking ship, grieving, lost, and mentally blocked. Searching for purpose again, but seeking comfort in alcohol, drugs, desire, and wants to push away anyone that cares. We go through stuff in this life we journey. The good, bad, and the ugly. We lose ourselves and may become numb. We at times let emotions fester, take away inner peace, and we haven all fallen at one point or another.

But we must hold on to something, someone, to faith, to the idea of peace. Block out the noise to get the things we need to do done. To express ourselves in positive ways.

This video advanced more than a perspective on blocking noise,

in an awakening of creativity, focus, or peace. It provided comfort and hope. The comments posted show that many value what the artist has shared.

If you want to be inspired – view the video here.


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