Your Job Is Not to Make Everyone Happy
January 13, 2017

New Year…New Food for Thought


The new way of the land:

12 days into the New Year of 2017, and we are already worried about the decisions, laws, and regulations that will be placed to control various aspects of the United States. What ways will these decisions affect the lifestyles of the people? Will the things that we put in a rank of importance such as education, morals, and principles reign supreme over P.M.S. Power, Money, and Sex? A formulated acronym courtesy of my Business Law Professor, Dr. William Stone.  These pieces woven together to form this acronym, appears quite well to be the determinate fuels of the personal vehicles driven.

The threat of concern is not now one’s personal perspective, a small population, or group’s ideals, but one that threatens the law of the land and a massive population. The current existence hangs in the balance  as a person that shall sit in a place in which takes one of the highest crowns has their own ideals not reflective of the greater good. A position of authority, and a majority party support of individuals whose philosophies and ideals are similar of the person that wears it.

Respect for one another: 

For I am no better than my fellow man that stands next to me. We both share the same color of blood, have had similar life experiences, have been child at one time in our lives, have enjoyed and embraced the titles of being a child to someone, a mother or father to someone, and/or a friend, and so much more. Like them, this worries me. Worries, as it may threaten the human rights of life, love and liberty above all things.

Even as an African-American woman whose concern of racial relations has always been highly set upon, because of the common misconceptions and mistreatment. This level and area in which I believe things may go in ramification of choice that allowed unqualified, immoral, low principles and more into such a position. A position deemed to protect the population. It is the natural fear of a person who resides in it, has a value of fair treatment, equal opportunity, morality, and principles. The values of honesty, trust, integrity, respect, love and more that mean something. My belief, that they are necessary to make a better place for all to live in.

Be the change you want to see:

The world is changing, will it change for the better? I can’t answer that. What I can say is, that we all should be smart, more economical, prepared for the later events that will happen in our lives. We should read more to know the rules and or decisions that may affect our lives. And while you are doing all of this, remember to live everyday like it’s your last. Take heed to this my friend and  please don’t ever forget it! Too many are gone without any notice. The next day is not promised to anyone.

Work daily to be a better person for yourself, and this will transfer over into the many roles you have an obligation to. Remember to appreciate and respect those that love you. If only we loved more, cared more, we could start a conversation that may indeed affect change.



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  1. Waymond rice III says:

    Very informative and incitfull article.You have a wonderfull gift of writing.Stay comitted stay driven and most of all stay blessed.

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