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March 1, 2017
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March 3, 2017

Organizational Structure for Long-term Success


Decisions, and More Decisions:

Organizations are making decisions every day. A decision is having more than one option to choose to take necessary action. The process of making that decision is an evaluation of alternatives. Varied in the approach due to the different types. Common of the types of decision making process are rational; intuitive; and combination. Different approaches and theories to how the decisions are made.

Rational, Intuitive or Combination:

Combination decision making is a marriage between rational and intuitive decision making. Rational decision-making leans more toward a logical approach. Actions are based on what you are taught and learned. An effort to improve upon better organization. Comparable to further types, with rational decision making they are assessed by the value. The result is to ensure that it’s done right in conjunction with logical reasoning, and justification. If you follow the steps or rules, you will end up where you need to be.Intuitive is a bit different. It’s an inner knowledge collaborated at times with senses of the true direction. You must take risks, and gamble to get big rewards. The greatest entrepreneurs, founders and CEO’s have stated that they didn’t know how? or why? They had this feeling in their heart, or gut that this was the plan. Belief with everything they had that the work put in would pay off.

Which do I agree?

In education of all the decision-making processes, the confidence in the one better suited to an organization is combination. It will better suit the different strengths that employees will have. Room for one to be able to provide input based on personal view to move the company forward.

An approval that in this union of the two, a logical reasoning can be had. If the outcome is not satisfying, an addition of intuition to change the parameters to achieve the goal is valuable. These two decision making processes married encourages, and appreciates a diverse group of employees with different strengths. This kind of organizational culture foundation can assure that the company will have success, due to the relentless efforts from its team.


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