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August 2, 2017
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August 18, 2017

Remember Why You Started

Remember why you started…


I concur of the feeling all to well. (slight grin).

A true statement. It will be thought or said continuously.

We hit rough patches on the road, we become frustrated, or down at times.


On a personal note…

I can attest to it, there were situations that had me frustrated to the the max. I wanted to scream.

Overly hurt and disappointed by the actions of hate and injustice foreseen in our nation daily.

Workload and school load seemed unbearable. Not feeling well, and not enough time to rest.

Personal emotions about a relationship. I was feeling down.

Trust me when I tell you, that much uncertainty and stress can make you tired.

All the while, there’s still responsibilities and goals.


Like many I wish…

To not view the things seen or have heard that are just outright wrong. Hope for a better tomorrow.

The current outlook showed more security, comfort ability, and affordability.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful to live another day. It’s not promised, there have been many gone too soon.


A word to share with you…


Go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait.

The very definition is why I can say, you have to walk in it.

Definitely not easy all the time. However, in time things will get better.

I’ve had to do walk in it daily before and some of the hardest moments of my past, I got through them with it.


 I remembered why I started…

Why I went back to finish my degree 2 years ago.

Why this job was the beginning of a 5-year plan.

Why I deal in a world, these days so uncertain.

To live better, do better, and become better.


Just remember why YOU started.

To live better, do better, and be better.




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