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The Invitation: TRB- Book Review- 9-5-17
September 6, 2017
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September 12, 2017

Single Status, Single Doesn’t Mean Lonely


Being single. When someone says, “I’m single.” What is often the thought? – Single doesn’t mean lonely. Respect to those that understand that. We are living in a society where we see everyone with an eye of social status such as married, single or committed. If someone says that having a married status is not good or having a single status is not good then we will start believing this. But it is not a good way to live. Everyone is independent in their life, and have the freedom to live their life according to their desires and wishes.

I would like to discuss the status of single people in our societies. The most common thing that comes to our mind after listening, that this person is single, he or she might have any physical or psychological problem, that’s why no one wants to stay with them in a relationship. Or some think that the person maybe flirty or not a loyal person or maybe ditched by someone. These are the comments we assume after seeing a single person. Do we ever think they might like to be single?

I will explain to you why we think the opposite of this, because our new generation gets ashamed by living single and believe that they must be in a relationship to look like they’re complete, on the way toward marriage, or secure the fact they are not going to be lonely and alone for others. I think that if they stop thinking like that, then there is no pressure. It would be apparent that choices and options exists. Encouragement to work on themselves for themselves and not for someone else. A reduction in seeing sacrifices of early dreams or goals, to compete toward the societal goal or role stated that you were intended to play. A role sometimes not reflective of the present, lacks equality, financial independence and security teaching, or does not promote empowerment. Secure your future should be the priority of our youth because they are the pillars of our country.

If a person is single it doesn’t mean that the wish is ultimate,

there could be several reasons. They might have not the time to involve in such activities, because living in a relationship needs to give and get time for one another, that is not possible for the person who has a busy schedule. Some people also do not want this because they want to share their feelings only with their life partners they get by nature after getting married.

Everything has a perfect and exact time for its happening. There are singles that are not involved due to the educational studies or a career track. For if involved in a relationship during studies and giving of time to the person instead of giving time to studies. The results of multi-tasking and over extension can sometimes create chances of the focus set for those goals to be lessened and that adds pressure toward working to secure a future, and the person will also get fed up with the situation after some time, that may lead to the breakup of a relationship.

There is a duty to change the mind of our coming generation according to the reality of single life.

They should be aware of the coming time, so that they stop looking at marriage or being in a relationship as this stature they must get to right out of the gate. Like you’re abnormal if you’re not with someone. (What?) Or you would be embarrassing, a black sheep or that you must be incomplete if you’re not married by a certain age. The importance should be to first stable their lives than thinking of rushing to involve in a relationship.

If the choice is decided to be involved in a relationship, for anyone. It doesn’t just work itself. You must work in it. Understand what it takes when said you want to be with, and love someone. Actions speak louder than words. There is a mindset that you must have and be willing to commit to that person you decide to be in a relationship. If you can’t do that now, and if single is where you choose to be, it’s ok.  Just be there, and embrace that’s where you are at. To be with someone and not be all in is not what you want.

It’s better to work on you. If being single while doing that, is what’s needed, then do you. Acknowledge that as a fact,  don’t waver in and out of the decision as if that’s not what you mean. Be honest. Once in that space you have to be there or else you’ll look like you’re just confused. Whenever you are ready for a relationship be open to it, embrace, and commit to it. It’s that simple. Society may set some levels according to statuses of people but if we change our minds then society will be changed as well.

Living in a relationship

Is certainly not a bad thing, but it has a specific time. It can be harder when it’s not the right time in the lives of the people involved. It’s even worse when those people aren’t honest with themselves and how they feel. Sometimes they stay in and try to force effort that is not there.

As a hopeless romantic, I belief in the power of love and that a relationship can change you for the better. We should take every step when the time arrives. Being single in between the almost and relationships that didn’t grow. Relationships that had lend more to heartbreak or trouble, and needed to be let go. For relationships that changed the person in ways that were not in what was personally valued. A glass raised with those that have had any of them. And if they are currently single, it’s OK. The relationship seeking is coming. Be who you are, embrace single, and get themselves ready to love again.

Single is a status, it is indeed temporary.

It allows you to take a break and reflect on emotions from past, and understand what you want/need from a future relationship. Being single is respectable, just as much as being coupled up with someone. Men and women do great things in this world, are worthy, powerful, wise, and are attractive nonetheless while single. So, we should try to make ourselves better instead to judge others. Change your mind then society will be changed automatically.




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