True Friends, Best Friends, Girls Trip Movie Wins

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April 19, 2017
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August 15, 2017

True Friends, Best Friends, Girls Trip Movie Wins

A Movie Rave and Thought to Share:

I saw an amazing movie recently. I had to take the time out today to share with you about it. From the story plot, characters, scenery, it beyond moved me. It excited me, to see such a celebration of love and friendship. The movie, Girl’s Trip was an extraordinary film. I encourage everyone to see it.

No matter what we might think or say at times, friends are important. OK, so to address the elephant in the room. LOL. I’ve been there. Based on the reaction of fair-weather friends, so-called friends, and the efforts are not there to keep up the friendship.

In my opinion if you do more in being a friend to them, than they are to you. Those aren’t the ones I’m talking about here.

No, the ones that have your back since day 1, invested the effort to be your A1. Your person or persons, as Meredith Grey, a character in the T.V. show, Grey’s Anatomy, would say.

Having just one true friend or best friend can change your life. Along your life there was that one friend that made your life whole. I had one. I say had because, everyone knows in life sometimes this person remains for years on end, or there were several along the road. However, they all served a purpose to either add color, excitement, advice, share secrets, and more.

The ladies in this film show us all, how that special relationship of a true friend(s) can have a smooth ride and at times a few bumps on the road. However, the love remains, if it was true.

These friends will always have you. Will make you confront things that seem too hard to. Know you enough to know when somethings wrong. They will celebrate in your happy moments.  Rock with you even when the party maybe at a low, get lost with you and dance in the music of life.

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