The Invitation Poem Excerpt Preview

The Invitation Poem Excerpt Preview. These poems have been circulating the social media platforms for the past couple of months. In case you missed them, I posted them here. I hope you all liked them then and now. There’s more than thirty poems in the book. Many I’m sure you...Read More »

Poem-Blank Page

Poem- Blank Page

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Poem: Fraudulent Reality

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Poem-As Days Pass

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Carpe Momentum

True words spoken in a lyric by a favorite rapper of mine, Eminem.

Mainly due to his rhyme and rhythm in which he’s always spoken the truth.  Admirable to say the least, because he beats to his own drum.  His titled track, Sing for the Moment. Had a bar that was unforgettable...Read More »

Poem: Fuel the Fire

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