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August 28, 2017
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Writers Make Great Listeners

Writers Make Great Listeners Post

Writers Make Great Listeners Post

Ever wondered why writers make great listeners?

As a writer, being a great listener makes you see the world through the eyes of others and increases your capacity for understanding and empathy. It also facilitates contact with the outside world and develops your communicative skills. Knowing how to listen helps you to better understand the real situation of things and to know which words to use or avoid. It may seem simple, but listening, especially in discussions, requires real effort and lots of practice.

By paying attention to your audience as a writer, you can observe and analyze their level of interest, which would make it much easier to adapt from one situation to another. Therefore, a writer who listens a great deal is more likely to provide real answers and helps with real questions, as solutions make people happy.

By taking the time to listen, you are more likely to say something interesting to your community through your writing. Think about how this can be practical when you try to write an opinion piece.

Have you ever listened to people around you?

Not only to those who talk about things that you treat in your write-ups, but of purely routine subjects? You’ll be amazed at how many interesting ideas you can generate from simple chats with friends. Meeting the most basic needs can make most people happy. A good writer knows what the masses want to read about.

Listening is also a good way to gain more knowledge. Knowledge gives you more opportunities and allows you to explore fields in which no one has deepened. If you take hours for your daily writing, take at least as much to listen. This keeps you fresh, inhaled and as well, original.


IN CONCLUSION, being a great listener is an excellent tool for a writer. This involves leaving the mind open to new ideas and concepts, yielding to them to achieve optimum results in your career as a writer.

In summary, being a great listener comes with the following merits:

  • You will learn new things.
  • You’ll be more insightful.
  • You’ll be more interesting.
  • You will be more original.
  • You will be more useful.
  • You’ll adapt and connect more easily.

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