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January 12, 2017
Retrospective Analysis of My Personality
January 23, 2017

Your Job Is Not to Make Everyone Happy


A statement that speaks truth and volumes. You can’t always make everyone happy. It’s not your job to. Your entitlement is to make yourself happy. Love yourself inside and out. Love who you are and what you see, even when faced to view yourself in a mirror. With that self-confidence and appreciation, you then have an aura around you. A light that shines in interaction with others and they will want to know you just because of it.

Making others happy should be a want, it should be selfless and not forced. It should become a thoughtful gesture, a caring attitude toward an event that has or will happen in that person’s life. It should make you happy to make that person embrace a happy moment. However, it is not a job that you should feel overwhelmed to keep up or bit your tongue from speaking truth’s when necessary. That the minute you stop doing so much to provide a happiness to someone, they don’t know how to stand or be happy on their own. You fear speaking on negative behavior or actions that the person exhibits in fear of losing or hurting that relationship with them.

The evidence of this, is that happy never lived inside of them, it was falsely created by what you did. But you cannot be their happy all the time. You can’t give everything you have and leave nothing left for you. And you should not withhold truth’s or suggestion to behavior that may help that person you care about change in a positive way, all because you fear they will not be happy once you have spoken.

Even as a mother or wife you must remember that your obligation is to provide, love, and support your children and Husband. However, you do not have to sacrifice your happiness for theirs. You cannot dedicate your whole life to their wants and not some of your own. You will not always be able to please everyone, every time. But if you are providing, loving, respecting, supporting and caring about them and their lives that is your job. They will not always be happy with what you do. If you’re embracing the roles you hold and with the vows to love, provide, and protect over them, the recognition and appreciation of your unconditional love and appreciation to them will show. It will be a slideshow in evidence of the moments that you are sharing with them, conversations and time spent is how you are dedicated to make them happy.

Start thinking about you today. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? How are you going to get there? You should be able to embrace these aspirations you have and be a happier you. Not focused on always making everyone else happy. It’s not your job.



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